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What Sells On eBay


e-Powersellers will be happy to give advice on items that do and do not sell on eBay. Please remember, that millions of people look on eBay every day, for millions of different items, however not the same million look each and every day. What may sell one week, may not sell the next. It is just a matter of time, and of course value, rarity, condition, and price.

What Does Sell Well On eBay


Antiques & Primitives
Art, Lithographs, Painting, Sculpture
Antique Books & Printed Material
Cameras, Computers & Electronics (some)
Clothing, Shoes & Accessories (designer only)
Rare Coins & Stamps (if appraised)
Furniture (Antique and Unique if shippable) 
Jewelry & Watches  (vintage and vintage costume)
Media Collections (CDs, DVDs)
Military Collectibles, WWII, WWI, and Civil War
Movie Memorabilia prior to 1980
Musical Instruments in good condition
Music Memorabilia, concert items, autographs.
Outdoor / Outerwear (Carhartt, Filson, etc.)
Vintage paper, magazines, maps, newsprints, tickets, etc.
Regional items (States, Cities, Memorials)
Sports Equipment (original values over $200)
Sports Memorabilia prior to 1975
Television Memorabilia prior to 1975
Tin Toys, 1940-1950 Japan, USA
Tobacco Collectibles, Lighters, Pipes, Memorabilia.
Toys, Games, Dolls, & Bears (Vintage and Antique Only)
Vehicles, Parts, & Accessories (Collectible & Hot Rod)
Pins, Pinbacks, Buttons, Political etc. (Vintage & Antique)
Vintage items (1930's - 1970's)
Medical Memorabilia, Medical Hoax
Dolls, Barbie, etc.. prior to 1970
Depression Glass (some)
Vaseline Glass (some)
Carnival Glass (some)
China, Dinnerware, Porcelain, Bone China, up to 1970

What We Won't Accept & Prohibited Items

Anything under $100 eBay Value
Anything from Discount Stores
Alcohol (Non Vintage)
Apple Laptops Over 2-Years Old
Apple Computers (Except Laptops)
Appliances / Used
Artwork / Contemporary
Autographs without COA or Photo Proof
Avon Unless Full Sealed Chess Sets
Barbie Dolls Post 1980
Batteries / Auto & Industrial
Beanie Babies & Most Stuffed Toys
Beta Tapes
Bicycles Except Recumbent
Bootleg Recordings
Bradford Exchange
Brand Name Misuse
Bridesmaid Gowns
Cabbage Patch Dolls
Canning Jars
Car Parts, Non-vintage
Cassette or 8-Track Tapes
Catalytic Converters
Cemetery Plots w/ Transfer Fees
Clothing Unless Vintage or Designer
Comic Books Post 1980
Compellation & Informational Media
Copy Machines
Costume Jewelry (Non Vintage / Designer)
Counterfeit Items
CPAP or BiPap Machines
Credit Cards
Danbury Mint
Decoder Boxes
Desktop Computers
Dolls Post 1980
Downloadable Media
Drugs & Drug Paraphernalia
Embargoed Goods
Fax Machines
Firearms & Ammunition
Food Products / Perishable or Home Made
Freon & Other Refrigerants
Furniture (Non Antique)
Furs & Faux Furs
Government IDs
Granada or Gulf War Memorabilia
Hazardous, Restricted and Perishable Items
Home Shopping Network HSN
Human Parts & Remains
Kennedy Memorabilia
Korean War Memorabilia
Laptops over 2-years old
Lock picking Devices
Lottery Tickets
Mailing Lists
Medical Devices Requiring Prescription
Military Items (Non Vintage)
Mod Chips
Monitors Unless LCD New In Box
Nazi Memorabilia
Neon Signs
Olympic Memorabilia
Operating Systems
Plates, Collectors or Individual
Police Items (Non Vintage)
Pre-Sale Listings
Prescription Drugs
Printers Unless New In Box
Prison Art
Prom Gowns
QVC Items
Real Estate (Except Adverts)
Recalled Items
Records Unless Rare / Acetates
Satellite and Cable TV Items
Sewing Machines (Except Featherweight)
Silver-plate w/o hallmark
Slot Machines
Sports Cards post 1980
Stereo Systems
Stocks & Securities
Stolen Property
Timeshares Sales & Rentals
Tobacco (Non Vintage)
TVs Unless LCD New In Box
Vacation Packages
VHS Tapes
Vietnam War Memorabilia
Wedding Gowns
World Cup Memorabilia
Wrestling Memorabilia